Cancellation and Refund Policy

OneSpace is committed to providing great experiences to our students and parents. Therefore, fees are not refundable except for limited special circumstances below: 

  • The class is canceled because the minimum enrollment requirements are not met. In this case, we will make our best efforts to switch students to a comparable class. If we can not make it, we will refund or provide a credit to use for other classes.
  • If force majeure events (a declaration of war, a disease epidemic, or a hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster events) happen in which teachers and/or students cannot continue the class, we will provide a credit to use for other classes.
  • If the student is in a serious health condition and cannot continue with the class and evidence is sufficiently provided, we will provide a refund or a credit to use for other classes with a processing fee of 20% of the remaining fee calculated by subtracting the used classes. 

However, the unused fee is transferable in the form of a credit to another account with our sole discretion. It is parents’ responsibility to provide sufficient information of the transferee to OneSpace to perform the transfer.

Makeup classes Policy

  • If the student misses the scheduled classes due to their personal matter, it is their responsibility to follow up the class. We might arrange makeup classes up to 5% of the number of paid classes if possible to support the student to catch up with the knowledge with our sole discretion.

Video Recording Consent

We will record the class videos for the purpose of training and quality control in order to provide good experience and quality education services. These recordings will be stored in a company controlled account and accessible to only authorized staff. These recordings will be used for internal training purposes. If these videos are used for marketing purposes we will seek consents from parents/guardians.

Liability Waiver

OneSpace is not responsible for any and all injuries, loss of life or other loss or damages incurred as a result of participation in the program. OneSpace is not responsible for personal property loss, damaged or stolen during our classes.