Age: Age: 14+
Number of students: Number of students: 10 - 12
Number of sessions: Number of sessions: 36
Number of hours: Number of hours: 36
Video: 1
Level: 3

Learn Web Programming Easily From Home

Build a responsive and modern website from basic to advanced with the Web Development course at OneSpace.

Web Development

In today’s digital age, a website is not just a tool for sharing information; it is also a gateway to connect with the wider world. Websites allow us to convey ideas, reach customers, boost sales, and build brand image. To create and maintain excellent websites in terms of both design and functionality, tailored to specific needs and purposes, we rely on the expertise of Web Development professionals. They play a crucial role in building web platforms, ranging from personal websites to large-scale online stores, providing unique and impressive user experiences.

Web Development has quickly become one of the most popular programming fields today. Given the rapidly evolving world in the digital age, the Web Development course at OneSpace serves as a fundamental stepping stone for young individuals to nurture their passion and adapt to technological changes.


The Web Development course focuses on honing skills in using the most popular programming languages today to develop dynamic websites. Students will be taught and apply advanced concepts such as functions, arrays, and CSS animations to build real-world web development projects. Additionally, the course helps students cultivate design thinking skills to create web interfaces in various attractive styles.


– Specialized training: OneSpace’s course provides knowledge and skills from basic to advanced levels, enabling students to effectively engage with programming languages. 

– Students will be guided by experienced instructors, giving them the confidence to become experts in the field of web programming upon course completion.

– Flexible online learning: OneSpace offers a convenient online learning environment, allowing students to arrange their study schedule according to their timetables and maximizing cost and travel time savings.

– Real-world projects: The course emphasizes practical hands-on experience through the construction of real-world web projects. Students will have the opportunity to build landing pages for educational companies and other projects, enhancing their skills and knowledge.



– Mastering the web development foundation with HTML and CSS to build both static and dynamic web pages.

– Using JavaScript to add interactive features to websites, including animated images and interactive buttons, creating a better user experience.

– Applying advanced concepts such as functions, arrays, and CSS animations to build feature-rich web projects with appealing interfaces.

– Writing and deploying modern websites that provide an excellent user experience.


– Enhancing logical and systematic thinking abilities.

– Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills with creativity, programming thinking in computer science.

– Simultaneously developing teamwork and independent thinking skills.



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