Age: Age: 12-16
Number of students: Number of students: 10-12
Number of sessions: Number of sessions: 13
Number of hours: Number of hours: 13


The Generative A.I. course at OneSpace is an exciting journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), specifically designed for teenagers aged 12 to 16. The program consists of 13 dynamic sessions covering basic principles of A.I. to more complex topics such as algorithms and the latest trends shaping the A.I. world.

1. Course Introduction

The Generative A.I. course aims to ignite a balanced interest in young minds regarding the importance of A.I. technology, effective utilization of technology, while inspiring the future generation to explore the potential of A.I. for the social development of humanity.

More than just learning, the Generative A.I. course at OneSpace empowers the younger generation to become creative and innovative leaders in the rapidly evolving and powerful field of technology. With hands-on activities, interactive sessions, and expert guidance from our experienced global educators, OneSpace opens up opportunities for students to develop their critical thinking skills, analytical abilities, and passions for technology.

2. Course Content

TRIALPrompt Engineering – AI art and graphicStable diffusion
1What is AI?What is AI?
What is AI model?
What is AI algorithm
2Where is the data from?Collecting and preparing data for machine learning
3What is Classification and Machine Learning?Ethics for A.I. education
4ChatGptChatGPT and LLM
Tip to get the most out of ChatGpt ChatGpt Strength and Weaknesses
– ChatGpt Restriction
– Verifying Information
5Prompt Engineering 1Drafting a Prompt
Prompt template
Follow up prompt
6Prompt Engineering 2Leverage Tone, Style and Voice
Expert persona
– Prompt format and output
– Using verbs to enhance input prompts
– Tailoring your message to audience archetypes
– Context Primer
7Prompt Engineering – Content CreationSocial Media Posts, eBook
8Prompt Engineering – EducationResearch, Ideation
9Prompt Engineering – AI art and graphic PythonHow to train my diffusion model to draw myself
10Introduction to Algorithmic BiasAfter try out different type of Generative AI, let’s talk about algorithm bias
11What is happening in AI worldWhat is the current trend, how would it impact future
12Presentation: personal project

3. Why Should You Choose our Generative A.I. Course at OneSpace?

  • Ensuring Future Success: The trend of A.I. replacing humans is inevitable. Understanding A.I. not only helps children grasp and effectively utilize technology but also opens up career opportunities in the future job market.
  • Applying A.I. in the Present: Using A.I. in education helps children develop self-learning and research methods from an early age.
  • Developing Life Skills: Such as practicing effective research, safely using the Internet, using new tools to create quality presentations, and captivating audiences…
  • Building Personal Branding: The A.I. course contributes to building personal profiles in preparation for the future, including studying abroad.
  • Convenient Online Learning Experience: With our online learning model, children can study anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for planning family vacations.
  • Enhancing Creativity: Generative A.I. encourages unlimited creativity in children by optimizing content generated by A.I. from individual projects to group discussions.
  • Ethical Considerations with A.I.: Comprehensive understanding of A.I. from basic concepts to real-world experiences in applying A.I. in life helps children gain insights into the ethical implications of A.I., fostering responsible and conscientious approaches to using this technology in the future.
  • Keeping Up with A.I. Trends: The course serves as a platform for students to develop habits of staying updated on the latest advancements in the world of A.I., enabling them to continuously learn and contribute to the next advancements in A.I. trends.

With outstanding benefits, The Generative A.I. course is a solid start, the first choice for those who want to start their programming journey and explore the world of technology.

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