Age: Age: 7 - 9
Number of students: Number of students: 10 - 12
Number of sessions: Number of sessions: 36
Number of hours: Number of hours: 36
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Programming is considered the global language that empowers children to confidently integrate into the era of Industry 4.0. However, many parents still wonder how to introduce their children to programming and which programming language they should start with.

Understanding this concern, OneSpace will help parents learn more about the online Scratch programming course and the reasons why Scratch is the suitable programming language for children when they first encounter programming.

Scratch: Basic block-based programming for children


Scratch is an interactive programming platform developed by MIT Media Lab in 2007. With Scratch programming, instead of writing complex and error-prone logic statements, children will become familiar with colorful blocks of code that allow them to easily create fun animated pictures or cute interactive stories. Through this, children not only develop logical thinking, computational thinking, and programming skills but also unleash their creativity, problem-solving ability, patience, and passion for technology.


Introduction to programming knowledge

The Scratch course introduces children to the “magic” happening inside computer software. Children are taught how to program through simple drag-and-drop actions, which increases excitement and stimulates curiosity and logical thinking before moving on to more complex code.

Developing thinking skills and stimulating creativity

The online Scratch programming course helps children develop logical thinking by ideating, building, and organizing code blocks in the most optimal way. Besides, children are encouraged to practice coding, applying their knowledge to be creative with colors, layouts, interfaces, and images, thus creating complete products from appearance to content. This fosters creativity and confidence in children to express their own ideas. The Scratch programming course not only teaches children programming and computer skills but also brings joy in learning and a sense of accomplishment when they overcome challenges in their projects.

Cultivating soft skills

The Scratch course provides children with an ideal learning environment to cultivate essential soft skills. Children learn to be proactive, responsible, and self-disciplined through opportunities to express their opinions, collaborate with others to build programming products. Working in teams and exchanging ideas helps children develop communication skills, presentation skills, and the ability to work collaboratively. These are essential skills in their daily lives and future careers.

Nurturing a passion for technology

From creating moving greeting cards, simple animated films to 2D games, designing interfaces for applications, children are encouraged to develop their own ideas and turn them into reality through programming. At the end of the course, children will have complete technological products that bear their personal touch. These achievements serve as motivation and pride for children to continue exploring and developing programming skills in the future.


  • Children can create their own animations and games using Scratch – one of the block-based programming tools for children developed by MIT.
  • Children will learn basic commands based on blocks and use their imagination, with the teacher’s support, to solve tasks while developing games.
  • Children apply their knowledge of Scratch with more complex coding concepts and logic (arrays, boolean expressions, functions parameters…) to create advanced games such as advanced maze games, role-playing games. Completing this course, children can independently write code for fun games in Scratch and consider transitioning to text-based programming.



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