Age: Age: 9 - 13
Number of students: Number of students: 10 - 12
Number of sessions: Number of sessions: 79 - 84
Number of hours: Number of hours: 72 - 84
Video: 1
Level: 3


A study suggests that with the expanding development of science and technology, in about 10 years, the IT industry will need over 500,000 skilled workers with astonishing salaries of up to $106,000 per year. Programming is not only a valuable skill in the digital world but also a gateway for you to explore and create marvelous new things. If you are considering a career path in this promising field, start building your foundational knowledge with the CodeCombat course at OneSpace!


CodeCombat is a programming course designed and developed by OneSpace, combining Computer Science and Programming education for young learners. With a curriculum meeting the US standards, the course has attracted over 12 million students from 190 countries.

CodeCombat cleverly incorporates the Python language into each lesson using a colorful role-playing game approach, igniting the passion for programming and exploring the world of computers in children. Instead of just playing games, kids learn programming through adventurous quests, alongside lively characters and captivating storylines.

CodeCombat is an open-source programming learning platform, designed to create engaging games with lively sounds and images. In CodeCombat, kids use programming concepts such as functions, variables, loops, strings, and more to overcome challenges and apply their programming knowledge and skills to solve problems and achieve goals.

In the world of CodeCombat, children are not only challengers but also young programmers who participate in an exciting adventure, where they can explore, imagine, and hone their programming skills.


Learning through playing, playing while learning!

With CodeCombat, learning programming becomes more enjoyable than ever. Children will become superheroes in the games, and each level in CodeCombat requires them to write code to solve challenges and accomplish objectives. This keeps children engaged, enthusiastic, and avoids any sense of boredom.

Utilizing a popular programming language

CodeCombat uses the widely popular programming language, Python. This helps children to experience a close and practical connection with the field of information technology. Learning programming with such a widely used language not only helps kids grasp the syntax and basic concepts of programming but also opens doors to future career opportunities.

Structured curriculum from basic to advanced levels

The CodeCombat programming course provides a structured curriculum from basic to advanced levels, suitable for learners of all levels, even those without prior programming experience. From fundamental concepts like variables and loops to more complex ones like algorithms and data structures, CodeCombat empowers children to gain confidence and develop their programming skills every day.

Personalized learning path

One of the highlights of the CodeCombat programming course is a personalized learning path tailored to the pace and interests of each student. Learners can choose the levels and exercises that match their current proficiency and learning goals. This helps students avoid feeling left behind and keeps them motivated by seeing progress every day.

Additionally, CodeCombat provides an assessment and progress tracking system for each student. Learners can view the skills they have acquired and the areas they need to improve, thus guiding them to develop in the best possible way. Learning programming is not just a task but also an exciting and exhilarating journey.

Developing logical thinking and problem-solving skills

CodeCombat not only helps students learn programming but also develops their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Solving challenges and completing projects in CodeCombat requires children to think logically, explore and find multiple solutions, and choose the appropriate approaches. This helps children develop crucial skills for problem-solving in real-life situations. Furthermore, through exchanging ideas, presenting their projects, children have the opportunity to develop modern-day skills such as communication, teamwork, etc. These are essential skills not only in the field of information technology but also in many other fields.

The course is designed to teach students advanced computational thinking using the game-based Python language. Students will transform into heroes to solve tasks using a variety of commands.



– Learn the basics of Computer Science

– Memorize important concepts of Python programming such as sequence, algorithm concepts; Apply and write a complete program to create more complex programming premise.

– Apply theory to write code, write programs to complete the tasks in the role-playing game CodeCombat: control the character to move, attack opponents, build walls…


– Logical thinking: increase children’s logical thinking ability, develop some quick math skills, learn about coordinates…

– Develop critical thinking, problem-solving thinking – creativity.

– Develop skills of teamwork and independent thinking at the same time.



With outstanding benefits, CodeCombat is a solid start, the first choice for those who want to start their programming journey and explore the world of technology.

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