Age: Age: 13 - 15
Number of students: Number of students: 10 - 12
Number of sessions: Number of sessions: 36
Number of hours: Number of hours: 36
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Level: 3

3D Design and Programming Course for Kids

Build and create games with fun in Roblox Studio – the lastest game online platform.

Roblox course on 3D design and programming

With over 164 million monthly downloads and embraced by over half of the children under 16 years old in the United States, Roblox is an extremely popular virtual world-building platform. Combining the LUA programming language, Roblox allows players to creatively design their own games or simulated worlds, fostering logical thinking, and equipping them with geometry and programming knowledge to become professional game designers.

To tap into children’s passion for gaming, the Roblox programming course at OneSpace was created to develop mathematical thinking and the ability to create unique Roblox games, stimulating creativity in the 3D world.


The course introduces children to coding environments and fundamental coding concepts such as variables, loops, conditions, and functions. Students will learn basic 3D game design skills and apply these concepts to create their own simple Roblox games.


– Acquire knowledge ranging from basic to advanced in the 3D space, sparking excitement for exploration and creativity from the very first lesson.

– Access Computer Science and Programming through activities such as idea building, using character and scenery building tools, game optimization, algorithm combinations, and 3D spatial operation.

– Experience the latest bilingual English-Vietnamese program for children aged 8-13, led by experienced teachers from around the world.

– Follow a curriculum that includes individual and group projects to enhance effective communication skills, presentation skills, teamwork, and solidify the knowledge learned.

– Utilize the STEAM education method, combining theory and direct practice on the Roblox platform, to enhance learning absorption and nurture a passion for programming.



– Understanding of text-based programming using the LUA language, an easy-to-learn and powerful programming language widely used in the development of large games like Roblox and World of Warcraft.

– Proficiency in LUA syntax to write code for important programming concepts such as conditions, loops, and variables.

– Clear understanding of advanced coding concepts and proficiency in using text-based commands.

– Building basic 3D game design skills and applying the acquired knowledge to create unique Roblox games.


– Understanding the digital world from a technology perspective.

– Enhancing problem-solving skills and collaboration skills.

– Improving observation and analysis skills, unleashing the child’s imagination and creativity.



With the Roblox programming course at OneSpace, children will embark on an exciting journey to explore programming languages and creativity through building unique games on the Roblox platform. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover and develop children’s programming potential.

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