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Number of sessions: Number of sessions: 36
Number of hours: Number of hours: 36
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Besides conventional talents like drawing, singing, and sports, 3D design is gradually asserting its vital role for young ones in the digital age. Design thinking is evaluated as one of the essential skills for success in the new era, helping children analyze and solve numerous life issues in the most effective way.


3D design is a creative process, starting from ideation to applying specialized software tools to convey visual or video messages by combining elements of art, aesthetics, and creativity. Many parents believe that 3D design courses would be too complicated, and children would not be able to learn.

They may think it is more suitable for adults or college students. However, in developed countries, educational programs encourage students as young as 9 years old to engage with computers and 3D design to enhance comprehensive skills and thinking ability.

Moreover, with the rapid development of technology infiltrating into society and industry, 3D design-related jobs are highly sought after by employers. Equipping children with 3D design skills from an early age provides a solid foundation and career opportunities in the future.


OneSpace opens up a diverse and vivid 3D design world for children aged 7 – 15 with outstanding advantages:

International standard education program

The 3D Design Thinking course is based on well-known international teaching programs, including Australian Curriculum: Design & Technologies, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Engineering Design, National Curriculum (UK), and the International Baccalaureate (IB). These programs are recognized by top experts worldwide and offer various course options based on age groups.

Vibrant and enjoyable design software

Developed by experienced experts from Maker Empire – Australia, the 3D design software is praised for its eye-catching, intuitive, and child-friendly interface.

Modern STEAM education method

OneSpace offers diverse and age-appropriate lessons based on modern STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education method. Through teaching and practical projects, students can immediately apply what they have learned, making learning at school and daily life more effective.

Bilingual English – Vietnamese

Taught in English and Vietnamese by experienced teachers from all around the world, helping children improve communication and teamwork skills and simultaneously develop independent projects to enhance their confidence and proactivity.

24/7 Online learning platform

The online platform makes 3D design learning for children easier and more enjoyable than ever. With 24/7 accessibility, students can study, review, and practice anytime, anywhere to improve their skills. The platform also allows parents to track their children’s progress and see how they apply the knowledge from the lessons.


Developing spatial thinking ability

During their exposure to 3D design, children have the chance to access graphic tools that allow them to easily create 3D models based on their ideas. This helps children imagine and represent spatial concepts, understand positions, sizes, shapes, and interactions of objects, thus enhancing their three-dimensional spatial thinking ability.

Enhancing problem-solving skills

Learning 3D design helps children develop logical and efficient problem-solving skills. Throughout the learning process, children face various challenges, from creating a design with a personal touch to solving errors in color coordination, aesthetics, and the feasibility of products. Resolving these challenges requires applying skills such as analysis, inference, observation, and information processing, enabling children to come up with appropriate solutions. This fosters confidence and independence when dealing with different life issues.

Strengthening communication skills

3D design enhances children’s communication skills through collaboration and exchanging ideas, interpretations with teachers or other group members to complete projects. Children gain opportunities to actively listen, understand different perspectives, and learn to persuade others in presenting their thoughts logically and clearly. Additionally, design projects also enable children to enhance presentation and argumentation skills, promoting self-confidence in communication and self-expression, positively influencing others.

Encouraging creativity

Design thinking demands imagination and creativity from children, encouraging them to think of new and different ideas. During the design process, children need to understand the end-users, research features, and necessary requirements for the product, enabling them to come up with innovative and suitable ideas.

Moreover, design requires children to think about arrangement, combination, and organization of various elements to create a complete product. This helps children develop flexible thinking and seek creative solutions for complex problems.

Developing technology skills

To access the 3D design space, children need to learn to use popular 3D design software and work frequently on computers. Working with techniques and operations in the 3D space helps children understand technology and its application. This will help children develop basic technology skills and prepare for the future where technology becomes increasingly important.

Enhancing concentration ability

Completing the final product of each course or simple homework requires students to maintain high concentration throughout the task. Repeating this action over an extended period helps form a habit of concentration in children. Besides, learning 3D design helps children relieve stress and negative emotions, resulting in a more positive outlook on life and everything around them.



After completing a course at OneSpace, parents can easily notice remarkable progress in their children, not only in computer skills and design tools but also in logical thinking, critical thinking, creative development, idea presentation, etc.

These are essential 21st-century skills that OneSpace aims to equip students with to succeed in any future career direction. With OneSpace, each lesson is not merely a session of knowledge learning but also an opportunity to stimulate imagination and creativity, thereby igniting children’s passion for design.

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