The CODECOMBAT Programming Arena, a special event jointly organized by OneSpace and CodeCombat, promises to provide an engaging platform for Vietnamese children to explore new knowledge and push the boundaries of their abilities through the fascinating programming world.

As a proud partner and member of international programming education programs, in the past year of 2023, OneSpace led and accompanied Vietnamese participants in numerous Programming and Robotics competitions both domestically and internationally, achieving remarkable accomplishments. Continuing this mission, in 2024, OneSpace is honored to host the CODECOMBAT PROGRAMMING ARENA. With four competition brackets spanning all age groups, the CodeCombat Programming Arena welcomes all participants to compete, aiming to unlock the doors to glory.

1. Unique Features Exclusive to the CodeCombat Programming Arena

  • Internationally-scaled competition: Organized by OneSpace – a long-standing official partner of CodeCombat, the event promises a rendezvous at the international finals with the participation of talents from over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Utilizing leading programming platforms: Following the USA’s CSTA and CCSS programming standards, CodeCombat not only captivates young minds with thrilling stories of valiant programming warriors but also harbors numerous exciting adventures exploring different realms through Python.
  • Intellectual strength challenges: Discover new knowledge in Computer Science and conquer challenges using the world’s leading programming languages, PYTHON and JAVASCRIPT.
  • Enhancement of top-tier programming thinking: Four intense brackets demand programmers apply all knowledge and skills to devise intelligent, astute strategies to surpass opponents and claim victory.
  • Unveiling personal potential: Emphasizing team spirit, honing thinking abilities, and fostering collaboration to work together, ready to overcome obstacles and achieve well-deserved rewards.



Group A, B, C
Group D


Entry fees


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Are you ready to be part of the CodeCombat young programming team? Let’s join OneSpace, fight with all your might, confidently conquer the pinnacle of glory, and explore the world’s leading technology realms today: