CODEQUEST World Programming Contest: An Exciting Summer Event with OneSpace

Mùa hè bùng nổ tại cuộc thi lập trình thế giới CodeQuest cùng OneSpace

With the mission of standing side by side and leading a promising generation of the country, OneSpace is honored to organize the CODECOMBAT Programming Arena to find an excellent face to represent Vietnam in the CodeQuest world finals. – The Largest International AI Coding Tournament For Kids and international events taking place in San Francisco (USA) this July 2024.

1. What’s exciting about the competition in Silicon Valley – CodeQuest?

CodeQuest – The Largest International AI Coding Tournament For Kids is the world’s largest international programming competition that attracts young talents aged 13 to 17 from over 100 countries around the world. CodeQuest is a place where participants can exchange and learn from friends from all continents, affirming their abilities in an international environment. The competition includes multiple levels of challenges, from basic to advanced, suitable for students of all skill levels. The competition is organized by CodeCombat – an engaging programming learning platform based on Python and JavaScript, allowing students to learn programming through role-playing and controlling characters in a virtual world to overcome challenges. This is a copyrighted programming learning platform from the United States with over 20 million learners in more than 190 countries. Currently, OneSpace’s CodeCombat course provides basic solutions for practicing coding, making it easy and effective for children to learn programming, develop logical thinking, and acquire the necessary skills to participate in the CodeQuest competition while applying new knowledge to their lives and pursuing their passion for technology.

By participating in CodeQuest, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Compete with young participants from around the world.
  • Develop their thinking skills to conquer challenges by using and creatively combining algorithms such as functions, variables, loops, strings, etc., which they have learned.
  • Apply all their knowledge and skills to create clever strategies to overcome opponents and achieve victory.
  • Win attractive prizes, including cash, scholarships, and gifts.
  • Gain valuable experience and network with other talented individuals.
  • Learn from world-class experts and mentors.


CodeQuest attracts thousands of participants from all over the world.

2. Unmissable Highlights of the Silicon Valley Discovery and CodeQuest Competition Journey

  • International Standard Reputation and Quality: CodeQuest’s Hackathon competitions, focused on innovative programming solutions through the integration of ideas and code, will be held at prestigious universities such as UC Berkeley and Stanford. This provides a unique experience for students in a university environment.
  • Education Program Combined with Experiences: After intense competition hours, young programmers will engage in fun activities and explore the culture, cuisine, and real-life situations of famous locations. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to visit tech giants like Apple and Google in Silicon Valley. The journey promises unforgettable experiences for every student!
  • Skill Development: CodeQuest’s challenges demand students apply programming skills, logical thinking, teamwork, presentation, and craft intelligent strategies to overcome opponents and secure victory.

3. Highlights of the 2024 summer trip (CodeQuest Week)

Joining this trip, children will visit modern cities and explore the world’s leading technology centers from Los Angeles, San Diego to Santa Monica, Solvang, and San Jose.

3.1. San Francisco City Tour

This summer trip will take students to visit two iconic landmarks of San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. Experience the majestic beauty of the legendary bridge, or immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere with diverse cuisine and entertainment activities, this is an attractive stop for students to experience.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Fisherman's Wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf

3.2. UC Berkeley Hackathon

Ranked among the Top 4 in the Global University Rankings by US News, UC Berkeley is an ideal destination for young learners and researchers. Here, students will immerse themselves in a vibrant academic atmosphere and interact with friends and international experts in a dynamic space. A standout activity during the visit is participating in a TED Talk on the future of AI, where talents share their visions of AI technology, providing an opportunity to engage in discussions with renowned professors pioneering in AI. Moreover, they will explore the history and academic achievements of the university, learn from international alumni about conquering the dream of Berkeley, and discover famous landmarks such as the Sather Tower, the Greek Theatre, and the Art Museum.

Sather Tower
Sather Tower
Greek Theatre
Greek Theatre

3.3. Silicon Valley Tours

The journey continues with a visit to the Google headquarters and an exploration of X-Lab’s Moonshot projects. Located in Mountain View, California, the Google campus offers a unique architectural experience and creative inspiration, providing us with a fresh perspective on work in the technology field. This exclusive tour will take you to X – The Moonshot Factory, where Google’s pioneering team is creating technologies to solve the world’s most challenging problems. You’ll hear from Google experts about the startup experience in Computer Science and significant milestones in the tech industry. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and listen to insights on how to build a global technology platform from leaders and investors coming from Apple Park.

X- The Moonshot Factory
X- The Moonshot Factory
Apple Park
Apple Park

3.4. CodeQuest Global Final and Stanford University Campus Tour

The Code Quest Global Final 2024 event will be hosted at Stanford University (ranked #2 globally and #1 in Computer Science in the USNEWS Global University Rankings).

The Code Quest Global Final 2024 event.

Once the competition kicks off, participants will be randomly assigned to small groups. These groups will collaborate to tackle the challenge at hand. The competition round will span approximately 2 hours, providing teams with the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities. By the conclusion of the program, the organizers will publicly reveal the ultimate outcomes, bestow prizes, and conduct an interview with the contest’s Champion.

Nevertheless, the adventure doesn’t end at that point. Once the competition is finished, Stanford alumni will guide you on a tour of the campus, including the Hoover Tower and Library, Main Quad,  Rodin Sculpture Park and Art Museum, Stanford Football Square, Stanford Bookstore, etc.

Hoover Library Tower
Hoover Library Tower
Main Quad
Main Quad
Rodin Sculpture Park and Art Museum
Rodin Sculpture Park and Art Museum

CodeQuest aims to create an engaging programming environment for aspiring young talents, fostering their logical thinking, strategic building, and problem-solving abilities. OneSpace recognizes the value of competition in fostering global connections and learning opportunities for students. By engaging with peers from different parts of the world, they can develop confidence in an international setting and lay the groundwork for their future careers.

Attention, aspiring individuals! Prepare for an extraordinary opportunity to partake in CodeQuest, the grandest international AI programming competition. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other! Join the CODECOMBAT Programming Arena and get a chance to represent Vietnam in the prestigious Silicon Valley competition. Plus, there’s a chance to win an impressive cash prize of up to 20 million.

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