Lễ ký kết hợp tác phát triển toàn diện giữa OneSpace Việt Nam và DABIDA Hàn Quốc

On September 12th, a successful Comprehensive Education Development Cooperation Agreement signing ceremony took place in Namsan, South Korea, marking a significant milestone in the collaboration between DABIDA, a Korean EduTech company, and OneSpace. This partnership aims to leverage their respective strengths in education to enhance the quality of training and provide advanced, modern educational solutions.

The event was attended by:

  • Mr. Jackie LEE, CEO of Dabida.
  • Ms. Dương Ngô, Founder/CEO of OneSpace.
  • Leadership representatives and officials from both organizations.

This collaboration focuses on the provision of modern, cutting-edge training systems, including remote learning management systems utilizing high-tech tools developed by DABIDA such as GENIPEN, GENIBOT, and GENICLASS. OneSpace and DABIDA jointly aspire to improve the learning experience for students, offer optimal solutions for more effective education, and elevate the quality of training and convenience for learners.

OneSpace and DABIDA join hands in signing a cooperation agreement.

In pursuit of delivering exceptional and innovative educational solutions to the global education community, OneSpace has officially established a representative office in Mapo, Seoul, South Korea. This marks a significant milestone in OneSpace’s developmental journey, demonstrating their commitment to creating a high-quality online learning environment not only for Vietnam but also for the world.

OneSpace and DABIDA aim to improve the learning experience for students.

By expanding their educational activities, OneSpace aims to build an efficient knowledge bridge that seamlessly integrates knowledge and technology, providing unique and innovative learning experiences. OneSpace believes that the combination of diverse knowledge and modern technology will result in high-quality and captivating educational solutions, bringing practical value to the community.

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