trao giải eduten club festival 2024

With the desire to help young learners discover their passion for studying and enhance their skills in Math, English, and Programming, OneSpace is honored to collaborate with the Tan Thoi Dai Education System to organize the Eduten-based Math and English Club Festival: EDUTEN CLUB FESTIVAL 2024.

The Eduten Finnish Math Festival 2024 has created an innovative intellectual playground that encourages students nationwide to actively engage in math learning. The festival provides an opportunity to experience and review the second-semester curriculum of Vietnamese Math through English, information technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) for preschool children aged 5 and students from grades 1 to 9.

With impressive statistics: 8 provinces in Vietnam and 8 international countries participating, 184 students receiving awards at the National Competition Round, and 700 students obtaining certificates for passing three competition rounds, the Eduten Club Festival has truly become a global event, a platform for young math and science enthusiasts to connect and exchange ideas.

After a journey of over two months with challenging tasks, on May 10th, the Eduten Finnish Math Festival 2024 successfully identified the most outstanding contestants. OneSpace congratulates the young astronauts of the OneSpace universe and all the excellent students who achieved great results in the festival.

🏅 Kindergarten Board

Nemo – Prospect Award (Kindergarten Table)

🏅 Primary School Board

– Esmee Le – Silver Award (Elementary School)

– Anh Vu – Bronze Award (Elementary School Table)

– Nguyen Bao Khoi – Bronze Award (Elementary School)

– Jayden Bui – Bronze Award (Elementary School)

– Ronal Duong – Bronze Award (Elementary School Table)

– Nguyen Quan – Prospect Award (Primary school table)

– Doan Phi – Prospect Award (Primary school table)

🏅 Secondary school board

– Phan Trong Tri Duc – Bronze Award (Junior High School Table)

– Nguyen Tuan – Bronze Award (Junior High School Table)

Keep nurturing your passion for Math and we look forward to seeing you in the next Eduten Math Festival journey in March 2025.

OneSpace also extends its heartfelt gratitude to the organizing units: Tan Thoi Dai Education System in cooperation with Eduten Educational Technology Company (Finland), the parents, and the students who have accompanied OneSpace in the mission to bring technology closer to millions of Vietnamese children.

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