chương trình công nghệ hè Summer Tech

Summer is the perfect time for relaxation and exciting experiences. Have young astronauts made plans for this summer yet? If you’re tired of the usual vacations or outdoor trips, exhausted by the scorching heat, let’s welcome a different summer at SUMMER TECH 2024 with OneSpace!

Summer Tech is a technology exploration program designed by OneSpace specifically for young people, offering numerous engaging and beneficial activities. Beyond providing a fascinating learning environment to delve into the colorful world of programming and challenges, Summer Tech promises to open up a promising future for all technology enthusiasts.

Embark on your exciting journey at Summer Tech, where countless intriguing experiences await!

1. GENERATIVE A.I Course – Entering the Artificial Intelligence world 

What is A.I. to you? Is it artificial intelligence, a field in computer science, or the leading modern technology today? At OneSpace, A.I. is not only cutting-edge technology but also “Academic & Interesting,” with 13 engaging sessions to reach the pinnacle of creativity. Officially launched this year, OneSpace’s Generative A.I. course is an exciting journey designed for ages 12 to 16, empowering the younger generation to lead in creativity and innovation in the rapidly advancing and powerful field of technology.

Detailed information about the GENERATIVE A.I. course.

2. Explore CODING SPACE – Creative Game Programming Wonderland

Maintaining its popularity are two favorite courses at Coding Space universe, Scratch & CodeCombat, increasingly “scoring points” with young learners by turning what seemed like dry programming into adventurous and exciting journeys! Let’s explore this magical land with OneSpace and create our unique products. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to study with attractive offers: Cashback up to 3,500,000VND.

Detailed information about Scratch programming course.

Detailed information about CodeCombat programming course.

3. 1 HOUR OF FUN Program – 1 Hour of Amazing Technology Experience

OneSpace brings a special and limited program where young astronauts will experience everything fun about the programming world in just 60 minutes! This will be an ideal exploration journey for young beginners in programming. Today, step into an exciting adventure with OneSpace and experience the mysterious “magic” of the technology world together!

Explore all the hottest courses in the Coding Space universe here!

The journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step. Join the exploration journey into the world of technology to create a bright future at Summer Tech 2024! Inbox OneSpace fanpage for detailed information and consultation!