Conquering The International Robot Programming Competition With OneSpace Online School

Chinh phục giải đấu lập trình Robot quốc tế cùng Trường học trực tuyến OneSpace

Vietnamese representatives excelled by securing three awards during their participation in the ENJOY AI & World Robot Contest Festival finals held in Shanghai, China.

Conquer the international robot programming competition with OneSpace.
Three teams representing Vietnam have achieved awards in the competition

Taking place on December 9-10 in Shanghai, China, the ENJOY AI & World Robot Contest Festival finals served as a source of inspiration and ignited passion for technology enthusiasts worldwide, particularly the younger generation. This year’s competition truly provided a beneficial and practical platform focusing on STEM – Robotics fields. It was a testament to global unity with over 10,000 young programmers from 20 different countries participating.

The competition comprised three distinct rounds, catering to various ages and skill levels:

  • World Tour (ages 3-6): Introducing the youngest creators to basic programming knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Summer Sports (for intermediate to advanced programmers): This round challenged students with programming skills to assess their knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking.
  • The Art of War (Advanced programmers with Technical Knowledge): The most challenging category designed for experienced programmers with a solid understanding of technical principles.

See detailed information about the contest here.

The Vietnamese team is focused on successfully completing their exam section.
The young participants are preparing on the eve of the competition.

Each category was tailored to test participants’ programming skills, creativity, and critical thinking, providing an opportunity for young talents to showcase their exceptional technological abilities. Excelling beyond numerous global competitors, the Vietnamese representatives secured three outstanding awards:

  • First Prize: Dewey School team
  • Second Prize: Vinschool Ocean Park team
  • Promising Prize: Nguyen Sieu School team (Middle School category)

The team’s prestigious achievement has led to an interview by VTV for the Countdown Documentary program, airing on December 31, 2023, on VTV1, inviting viewers to tune in at HERE.

OneSpace proudly served as a strategic partner of the WhalesBot Educational Robotics company, the primary sponsor of the competition. Participating in the International Educational Robotics Development Forum, Vietnamese representatives included:

Ms. Ha Dau, Chairwoman of OMT Online Training Joint Stock Company, shared insights with international experts on the current landscape of teaching Robotics/STEM in Vietnam from preschool to secondary school.

Ms. Duong Ngo, CEO/Founder of OneSpace, affirmed the desire to foster STEM education’s development in Vietnam, aiming to provide more opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and skills. This aims to nurture young talents and apply technological knowledge to build a strong and sustainable future.

OneSpace participates in the ENJOY AI & World Robot Contest Festival international finals.

Vietnam’s outstanding team accomplishments have solidified the country’s position in the global landscape of robotics education. These successes serve as significant motivation for Vietnamese students to continue fostering their creativity, engaging in scientific research, and applying technology in practical settings.

OneSpace extends congratulations to the Vietnamese teams, teachers, and parents who have supported and helped these bright talents shine. OneSpace also hopes that these students will continue to excel and achieve even greater accomplishments in the near future.

Are the young astronauts ready for the international competitions in 2024? Let’s join hands with OneSpace to build a solid foundation for Vietnamese intelligence and talent to reach further and higher on the international stage!