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Welcome all young talents to the EDUTEN CLUB FESTIVAL – A creative and engaging mathematics event for students aged 5 to 15 nationwide!

Following the success of the EDUTEN FESTIVAL 2023, with 107 outstanding students receiving prestigious awards, including 5 international students from OneSpace online school, we welcome all young talents to the EDUTEN CLUB FESTIVAL 2024 – The first interdisciplinary technology competition on the mathematics platform. It is a platform that encourages innovative and engaging mathematics for students aged 5 to 15 nationwide!

OneSpace proudly collaborates with the New Age Education System and a coalition of schools in Vietnam to bring forth this exciting annual mathematics competition. It offers a unique learning opportunity for students to experience Finland’s Fun Learning education approach, a country leading the world in mathematics and science according to the PISA results. Simultaneously, it provides a playground for students to explore their passion for learning, enhancing proficiency in Mathematics, English, and Information Technology.

Mathematics Education Platform from Finland

Finland has consistently been ranked as the happiest nation globally, attributed to its top-tier Human Development Index, primarily due to its superior and modern education system, which ranks among the top in most prestigious global charts.

Eduten, the number one digital education technology company in Finland, has evolved over 19 years of research by the University of Turku, a top 1% university globally. Eduten’s flagship product is a gamified mathematics platform, transforming conventional math problems into captivating math games.

Eduten achieved the first prize in the Edtech Unicorn Technology Competition organized by UNICEF in 2022.

Eduten achieved the first prize in the Edtech Unicorn Technology Competition organized by UNICEF in 2022.

Eduten is currently applied in over 54 countries worldwide, with millions of enthusiastic students. According to widespread research from various countries and major institutions, Eduten’s mathematics platform has made learning math enjoyable and passionate, empowering students to proactively realize their learning potential while concurrently developing skills in Mathematics, English, and Information Technology. With Eduten, the average number of problems solved by students is eight times more than traditional pen-and-paper methods.

In 2022, Eduten proudly won the Edtech Unicorn Technology Competition organized by UNICEF and collaborated with UNICEF in global projects focusing on innovative teaching methods in mathematics, narrowing the mathematical gap between countries through information technology.

Exciting Mathematics Experience at Eduten Club Festival

The Eduten Festival is a celebration of mathematics clubs on the Eduten platform, organized by Eduten in collaboration with various high-quality international educational institutions such as OneSpace online school, New Age Education System, and a coalition of schools in Vietnam. Additionally, this year’s Eduten Festival has doubled the participation of entities compared to 2023, with the inclusion of schools such as Doan Thi Diem Primary School in Hanoi, TrueNorth School PTLC, Institute of Educational Science and Economics in Southeast Asia (ISA), Brendon Primary School, Sakura Olympia Da Nang School, Western Hanoi School PTLC, and more, promising to provide a shining opportunity for thousands of students nationwide.

The Eduten Festival creates a novel intellectual playground encouraging students nationwide to actively engage in learning mathematics. The festival provides an opportunity for students to experience and review the second semester of the Vietnamese Mathematics program through English and information technology, artificial intelligence (AI) for kindergarten students aged 5 and students from grade 1 to grade 9.

1. Competition Rules

  • Participants: Kindergarten students (5 years old), students from grade 1 to grade 9.
  • Entry fee: 300,000 VND
  • Registration and experience period: from March 1, 2024, to March 25, 2024, or when the registration limit of 3000 students is reached.

2. Competition Format: Online.

Students will be provided with an online account on the Eduten platform throughout the program to:

  • Practice reviewing various math game topics available on the Eduten platform (with automatic answers and grading).
  • Participate in 2 trial rounds and 1 elimination round with students nationwide.
  • Students who meet the qualification criteria in the elimination round will receive an online certificate and participate in the National Championship round, with the opportunity to win valuable prizes from Eduten and the participating school coalition.

*Note: The Eduten Festival account is valid until June 15, 2024. After the trial period, students can participate in various exciting activities at the Eduten Club to further develop and enhance their proficiency in Mathematics and English.

3. Benefits of Participating in the Competition

  • Engage in competitions and receive attractive prizes.
  • Accumulate certificates and medals.
  • Two months of studying Mathematics and English with Eduten.
  • Support for reviewing Mathematics in the second semester through available topics on Eduten.
  • Develop skills in Mathematics, English, and Information Technology.
  • Opportunity to join the global Eduten Math Club.

4. Rounds Information:

Round 1: Get familiar with techniques and experience
1Introduction to Techniques and ExperienceOnline at home1/3/24-1/6/24Students are free to visit Eduten to try out some math game topics on Eduten.
2Trial ExamOnline at home30/3/24 Each student has 30 minutes to complete the practice test and have detailed results analyzed on Eduten
Round 2: National Finals Qualifying Round
3National Finals Qualifying RoundOnline at home6/4/24Rewards: Online Gold, Silver, Bronze reward certificates sent to schools and participation in the National finals for students achieving bronze cups or higher in Eduten.
Round 3: National Final
4National FinalsOnline with Zoom supervision13/4/24
Prizes include:
– Diamond award
– Gold Award
– Silver Award
– Bronze Award
– Prospect Award

5. Prestigious and Valuable Prizes


AwardMinimum Achievement in EdutenRank Position
DiamondDiamondTop 5%
Trophy + Certificate + Cash and Gifts
GoldFrom Gold
Top 5%

Gold Medal + Certificate + Cash and Gifts
SilverFrom SilverTop 5% – 10%NoSilver Medal + Certificate + Cash and Gifts
BronzeFrom BronzeTop 10% – 15%NoBronze Medal + Certificate + Cash and Gifts
Prospect From BronzeTop 15% – 20%NoCommemorative Medal + Certificate

Let’s connect, share, and learn in the alliance of Cambridge Mathematics Clubs on the Eduten platform – where Mathematics is not just a subject but also a creative game that helps children develop logical thinking and creativity!Register for the EDUTEN CLUB FESTIVAL competition at HERE!