Khơi nguồn đam mê kinh doanh cùng CEO Kids

The CEO KIDS – Young Entrepreneurs program for 2023 is currently in full swing in two major locations, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This is an excellent opportunity for young children to experience and develop business, communication, and social relationship skills. Through this program, the children will receive guidance and support from experienced professionals in the field of business, while also having the chance to compete and learn from each other. CEO Kids – Young Entrepreneurs 2023 promises to offer valuable and exciting experiences for young talents nationwide.

The CEO KIDS - Young Entrepreneurs program for 2023
  1. Where Young Entrepreneurs Shine

CEO Kids is an educational and humanitarian program designed for children aged 4-14 nationwide. The program provides both in-person and online training with four direct training sessions aimed at improving communication, marketing, and sales skills. It is not just a platform for children to showcase their creativity and confidence in front of an audience but also a foundation for developing business and leadership skills.

  1. The Importance of Nurturing Talent from a Young Age

During the “CEO Kids – Young Entrepreneurs Launch Event,” Master of Economics Duong Ngo – CEO/Founder of OneSpace, acting as a mentor, shared her perspective:

“I was born into a family with no business tradition, so I did not have an environment or many opportunities to develop these skills. Only after working for a while did I realize that I truly enjoyed business because it allowed me financial and time autonomy. However, I came to it quite late. Therefore, I always want my child and others of the same age group to have the opportunity to experience business as early as possible to develop this mindset from a young age.”

Guiding children on career direction and nurturing their talents from a young age will help them gain confidence, showcase creativity, and discover their potential.

Ms. Ngô Thị Thuỳ Dương, MSc in Economics - CEO/Founder of OneSpace, positioned third from the right.
  1. Benefits of Participating in the CEO Kids Program

Management Skills: The program is not just a competition but also ignites entrepreneurial spirit and develops business management skills from an early age. Through direct training sessions, children gain knowledge about the business world, from generating ideas to turning them into reality, and honing top-tier communication, marketing, and sales skills.

Real-World Exposure: At CEO KIDS, children learn not only from books but also from real-life experiences. By participating in competitions and real projects, they are encouraged to work in teams, learn about finances, and experience the entire entrepreneurship process from start to finish. This helps them learn community collaboration, listen to others’ opinions, and develop communication skills.

Solid Foundation for the Future: With CEO KIDS, learning never ends. It is not just an educational program but also a lifelong journey that helps children build a solid foundation for the future and contribute positively to society and the economy. CEO KIDS awakens creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in children, step by step, towards limitless opportunities.

This is an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone.

OneSpace believes that CEO Kids – Young Entrepreneurs 2023 is not only an opportunity for children to receive training and meet leading experts but also a chance to build relationships and connect with a community of talented young entrepreneurs. It is an excellent opportunity for children to step out of their comfort zone, explore themselves, overcome challenges, and develop essential skills. Register today to not miss the opportunity to become the future leaders!”

Learn more about Ms. Duong Ngo’s perspective on technology education for children at One Space Education by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3PBEPDj