1. What is digital transformation in business?

Digital transformation in business is the process of changing mindsets and applying digital technology and techniques to enhance operational efficiency, increase revenue, and improve the competitive capacity of the enterprise. It involves the use of software, applications, information systems, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, etc., to collect, analyze data, automate business processes, and management.

There is a common misconception that digital transformation is solely about technology. However, it is a fundamental change in how an organization operates, communicates, and interacts with customers. It is seen as breaking traditional operating methods to become more technologically advanced, demanding continuous improvement and innovation from enterprises to keep pace with technological and market developments.

The digital transformation is a significant advancement in today's life.

2. Current digital transformation activities of Vietnamese businesses

The Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises has conducted a survey on the status of digital transformation in enterprises. More than 80% of business leaders aspire to digital transformation, with 65% willing to invest in it, especially after the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in recent years.

Vietnamese businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, still lack a complete understanding of the role of digital transformation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Barriers such as lack of manpower, IT infrastructure, digital mindset, digital transformation culture, etc., make it difficult for small businesses to undergo digital transformation.

3. OneSpace – A leading enterprise in applying technology in business operations

In the program “Creative Technology” aired on April 9th on VTV2 – Vietnam Television, OneSpace had the honor to appear as a typical enterprise, sharing information about its digital transformation journey in education business, bringing opportunities to optimize operational efficiency, enhance management capabilities, and improve competitiveness in the current market.

OneSpace leads the way in applying technology in business operations.

Representative of OneSpace – Ms. Dương Ngô shared the process of digital transformation from strategy development to implementation and operation of digital technologies in business practice. At OneSpace, we realize that digital transformation is inevitable if we want to provide the best learning experience for students and parents. Therefore, we have taken certain measures to ensure that every aspect of the learning experience and customer care is improved through digital technology.

One of the most important measures that OneSpace has implemented is the development and optimization of the ERP platform – where students access courses while parents can track their learning progress, interact with teachers, and stay updated on school events and activities.

OneSpace leads the way in applying technology in business operations.

Moreover, OneSpace has integrated online tools and applications such as student management system and self-assessment system, helping automate communication processes and customer data management, thereby optimizing customer care processes most conveniently.

OneSpace believes that small and medium-sized enterprises only need to innovate their awareness and pose challenges, and digital technology will help solve them faster, more economically, and more efficiently through the use of comprehensive enterprise management platforms.

Follow the CEO of OneSpace’s sharing in the program “Creative Technology” in the feature below!

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