hoạt động trải nghiệm tại trường học OneSpace Funfest

By dedicating some extra time each day to learning and exploration, our today will be much better than yesterday. Partnering with your esteemed school to provide new practical experiences for students, OneSpace brings you FunFest – an engaging extracurricular program held throughout the year, featuring a variety of intellectually and physically enriching activities.

OneSpace FunFest promises to be a unique and captivating experience, offering a range of highly appealing activities:

  • Modern and dynamic extracurricular lessons: Subjects spanning from natural sciences to social studies will be creatively transformed to suit each age group, igniting excitement and passion for learning and discovery in children. This encourages students to explore new concepts and reach their full potential.
  • Diverse physical activities: Blending cognitive exercises with recreational time, students will have fun and relax while simultaneously developing their overall physical health and motor skills.
  • Strengthening bonds with teachers and friends: Through experiential activities and group work, study periods become enjoyable and meaningful, creating memorable experiences for students during their school years.
  • Accumulating valuable knowledge and experiences: Following a rich array of activities, students will gather useful skills and knowledge for their future.

OneSpace FunFest is a place where children can freely explore, let their imaginations soar, and enhance their critical thinking and cognitive abilities. Moreover, the experiential program will be tailor-made for each age group and the specific requirements of each school.

For schools interested in the FunFest program, please contact OneSpace for detailed consultation!