OneSpace đồng hành cùng ngày hội công nghệ Tech Day

TechDay 2023, organized by FPT Elementary and Middle School, has brought a beneficial platform for science and technology, creating new spaces to enhance interdisciplinary experiences by applying technological knowledge to various subjects and real-life situations.

Tech Day 2023

The program is designed to provide hands-on experiences in the application of technology in subjects such as Computer Science, STEM, English, Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences for elementary and middle school students. The main content of the program includes three parts: experiencing information technology applications, the Herobot competition finals, and a charity auction.

At each experience booth, students actively engage in practical activities, such as designing lamps to illuminate marching paths, exploring multidimensional and colorful worlds through virtual reality glasses, and programming robots to navigate through mazes. These activities have captured the keen interest of the young participants, as each one eagerly anticipates their turn to experience these fascinating opportunities firsthand.

We are delighted to accompany your esteemed institution. Mrs. Ngô Thị Thùy Dương – CEO of OneSpace, presented a 50% scholarship to exceptionally talented young individuals who have showcased impressive performances. OneSpace hopes that there will be many more exciting technology events closer to the students, providing them with opportunities to engage with advanced and modern educational programs. In the future, technology education will become a fundamental part of intellectual development for the younger generation.