OneSpace đồng hành cùng festival Toán Eduten 2023

In the face of technological advancements, Mathematics has become an essential tool for handling big data, creating algorithms, intelligent computing, and artificial intelligence. Therefore, to pave the way for the future and master technology, we need to learn and understand how to apply Mathematics in our daily lives.

With the desire to help young students explore their passion for learning, enhance their skills in Mathematics, English, and Programming, Onespace proudly partners with the Modern Education System to organize the Club of Mathematics and English Festival on the Eduten platform: FESTIVAL EDUTEN 2023.

FESTIVAL EDUTEN 2023 is an annual event that allows young participants to apply their knowledge, build, and improve their mathematical skills through modern educational methods based on digital technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

After a challenging journey of over two months, on June 9, 2023, the Eduten Mathematics Festival competition successfully identified outstanding contestants.

A total of 107 students received awards, with 36 promising prizes, 28 second prizes, 21 third prizes, 18 first prizes, and 4 diamond prizes. Among them, 21 students came from the Modern Education System, 70 students from Doan Thi Diem Elementary School, 10 students from various schools across the North – Central – South regions, and 5 international students connected through the Onespace online school.

5 international students of Onespace online school achieved excellent results in the Eduten Festival 2023

OneSpace extends congratulations to the little astronauts of the OneSpace universe and all the remarkable young students who achieved excellent results in the Eduten Mathematics Festival 2023. We hope that these young talents will continue to nurture their passion and achieve even greater success on their journey of learning and conquering new heights in their bright future.

OneSpace also expresses sincere gratitude to the organizing units: the Modern Education System in coordination with Eduten (Finland) educational technology company, the parents, and the students who have accompanied Onespace in the mission of bringing technology closer to millions of Vietnamese children.