Business Challenges mùa 6

Business Challenges is an annual competition organized by the University of Economics – National University, providing not only a platform for knowledge exchange among passionate business and entrepreneurship-minded students but also an opportunity for young talents to challenge themselves and grasp real-world opportunities under the guidance of experienced advisors and mentors.

4 tough rounds have come to an end and the prestigious trophy of Business Challenges Season 6 has found its owner in the final night on March 25, 2023.

Alongside the students as a mentor, Ms. Ngo Thi Thuy Duong – CEO of OneSpace – joined the SiSu team and successfully surpassed more than 100 other talented teams from across the country, completing their lively Vietnamese-themed competition.

SiSu team successfully completing their lively Vietnamese-themed competition.

OneSpace would like to congratulate the SiSu team and other winning teams for their best efforts to bring home the well-deserved prizes. May our talented warriors always keep the fire of passion on the journey ahead!

Through this competition, OneSpace seized the opportunity to network and establish collaborations with reputable educational partners in Vietnam, as well as support promising entrepreneurial projects from the younger generation.