Spotlight on National and International “High-Caliber” Competitions at OneSpace

Tổng hợp các giải đấu quốc gia quốc tế 2024

In 2024, OneSpace continues its vibrant journey with a series of explosive events, promising to be beneficial playgrounds where young talents have the opportunity to shine, gain confidence, and affirm themselves on both national and international stages.

Let’s take a look at the “hottest” competitions at OneSpace, both domestic and international!

1. Mathematics Playground: Eduten Math Festival

The Eduten Math Festival is an annual event organized by OneSpace in collaboration with the New Age Education System and a coalition of schools in Vietnam. This competition offers children aged 5 to 14 the opportunity to experience learning mathematics in English and explore information technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) on the Eduten platform – the leading mathematics learning platform from Finland.

This year, the event will take place from February to April in an online format. Each student will be provided with an online account on the Eduten platform, accompanying them throughout the program, supporting them in practice and participating in rounds of competition with students nationwide.

By participating in the Eduten Finland Math Day, students will:

– Apply knowledge and build/improve skills in mathematics, English, and technology.

Ignite passion for mathematics through modern Fun Learning educational methods.

– Be supported in reviewing mathematics for the second semester through available topics on Eduten.

– Honorably receive certificates and medals from the organizers.

– Have the opportunity to participate in and interact at National Competition rounds.

– Have the chance to win valuable prizes from Eduten and participating school alliances.

2. CodeCombat Programming Arena

CodeCombat is an ideal playground for programming enthusiasts of all ages.

CodeCombat provides an ideal playground for programming enthusiasts of all ages. With four competitive brackets (A, B, C, D) corresponding to different skill levels, participants are required to focus intensely and apply their knowledge and skills to overcome opponents and emerge victorious.

Starting from late April to June, the 2024 CodeCombat programming arena promises to stir the programming community this summer. This is also an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences, learn, and deepen their knowledge of Computer Science, explore the world of technology through a journey to Silicon Valley – USA, and participate in the international CodeQuest finals (*conditions apply), laying the groundwork for their future careers.

Opportunities for prizes await programming “warriors” participating in the competition:

– Total prize value of up to 70 million VND in cash.

– Honorary certificates from the Program Organizing Committee.

– Test skills against thousands of Vietnamese and overseas participants.

– Opportunity to participate in the world’s largest programming arena for teenagers – CodeQuest.

– Provide participants of all ages with a realistic environment to test themselves, assess their skills.

– Conquer challenges using leading programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, C++.

– Explore new knowledge in the field of Computer Science.

– Hone critical thinking and high-level programming skills.

– Cultivate thinking and explore one’s potential.

3. Fostering Technological Dreams at Enjoy AI Robotics Programming

The Enjoy AI Robot competition is vibrant and dynamic.

The Enjoy AI Robotics Competition is currently lively from March to October at secondary and high schools such as Vinschool, Nguyen Sieu, Chuong Duong Secondary School, etc. This is an opportunity for participants to satisfy their creative passion and realize their ideas on robotics.

Through STEM education methods, Natural Science knowledge becomes more vivid than ever. Students will participate in games, process algorithms, apply Mathematics – Science knowledge to the exam. Thereby, students are stimulated for creative thinking, enhancing cooperation skills, and teamwork. At the same time, it helps students feel interested in technology, master theoretical knowledge as well as apply it practically in exams.

Especially, through this series of competitions and experiential days, OneSpace aims to find talented candidates to represent Vietnam in the Enjoy AI Robotics final match held in China in December this year!

With the desire to provide many learning and development opportunities for the future generation of Vietnam, OneSpace believes that through domestic and international competitions, young people will have many opportunities to experience, compete, and thereby cultivate confidence in an open international environment, preparing solid groundwork for the future.

Join hands with OneSpace to elevate Vietnamese intelligence to international standards!

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