Summer trip Singapore 2024

International summer camps have emerged as a modern, innovative, and highly effective educational approach chosen by parents for their children in recent years. The real-world experiential environment, engaging activities, and the spirit of cross-cultural learning are the benefits that summer camps bring.

Choosing Singapore as the ideal destination for travel and education, OneSpace believes that the two summer camp programs, “The Intern” and “STEM & Innovation Edu Trip,” will offer a memorable learning experience for all youngsters in the summer of 2024.

1. Explore the fascinating world of science with the STEM & Innovation Edu Trip program

The STEM & Innovation Edu Trip 2024 is an educational and travel summer camp for primary and secondary school students. Organized by OneSpace in collaboration with Flying Capes and the Singapore Science Centre, this program offers a unique learning experience and an excellent opportunity for students to get closer to the world of science and technology. It focuses on fostering creative thinking, expanding knowledge through engaging STEM projects, and provides a platform for international networking with top educators in Singapore.

  • Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
  • Main destinations: National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Science Centre
  • Age group: 6 – 12 years old

Why should you not miss OneSpace’s 8-day STEM summer camp in Singapore?

1.1 Highlights of the Singapore STEM summer camp

  • International standard residential camp model: learning, communication, daily activities with local students and teachers.
  • Full 24-hour immersion in interesting and beneficial activities throughout the camp: learning about culture, cuisine, the country, and people of Singapore through visits to famous landmarks.
  • High-quality Singapore education standard for STEM learning.
  • The STEM education program focuses on the development and interests of students.
  • Interactive learning methods enhance global citizenship skills: public speaking, business planning, scientific research, and English language learning.

2.2. Benefits after completing the program

  • Confidently become a Pioneer of “Innovation and Creativity.”
  • Master technology with a wealth of scientific knowledge and skills in the STEM field.
  • Confident leadership, planning, and execution, evaluating technology projects in particular, and science projects in general.
  • Keep up with innovation and the future development needs of society.
  • Receive a certificate from the Singapore Science Centre upon program completion.

1.3. Detailed itinerary

Accommodation: 3-star standard hotel or equivalent

Detailed itinerary information
Detailed itinerary information

2. Self-Exploration and Career Orientation at The Intern Summer Program

The Intern 2024 program is an exploration and career orientation summer camp organized by OneSpace in collaboration with Aktivate Education Pte Ltd (formerly Adam Khoo Empowering Youth Pte Ltd), specifically designed for high school students. The program aims to provide students with practical experiences in the current job market and an understanding of the competitive employment landscape. Notably, The Intern Summer Program supports participants in discovering their own capabilities, leading to informed career choices and suitable future directions.

  • Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
  • Main Locations: National University of Singapore (NUS), Universal Studios Singapore
  • Participant Age: High School Students

In the 21st century, the job market is dynamic and increasingly competitive. Cultivating critical thinking, developing skills, and determining career paths while still in high school are crucial steps for students to have a well-guided academic journey, unleash their potential, and enhance their competitive advantage in the job market.

2.1. What makes The Intern Summer Program at OneSpace special?

2.1.1. Diverse Program, In-depth Learning Environment

  • The Intern Summer Program is meticulously researched and tailored to the high school age group, offering a diverse, enriching, and practical educational experience.
  • Participants will engage in multidimensional learning experiences, from hands-on activities to in-depth discussions. Students are encouraged to explore and evaluate different aspects of careers and society.
  • The program equips students with foundational knowledge and skills related to understanding professions and the RIASEC interest profile. This enables students to grasp their own value and gain a holistic view of the professional world.
  • Emphasizing teamwork through team-building activities and challenges, the program focuses on nurturing critical thinking and developing soft skills such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving. Additionally, The Intern Summer Program enhances team spirit, fostering networking and collaboration among participants.
  • Students have the opportunity to connect with the real world through field trips and direct interviews with experts in various fields, providing insights into the requirements and opportunities in today’s job market.
  • The friendly and open environment encourages participants to make new friends, explore hobbies, and assess their academic abilities and future career potential using world-class psychological and career assessment tools.

2.1.2. Future Career Orientation for High School Students

  • Developing a clear understanding of one’s abilities, interests, and values to make informed career choices.
  • Setting specific career goals to plan appropriate educational paths and development, avoiding the pitfalls of choosing the wrong profession, which can lead to wasted time and educational expenses.
  • Building essential soft skills to confidently enter the job market and achieve success in their careers.

2.1.3. Training by Top-notch Coaches and Experts

The coaching team comprises internationally trained interviewers with extensive experience in developing life skills for teenagers. The primary goal is to help participants build discipline and self-improvement.

With a coach-to-student ratio of 1:12, the program ensures effective learning and avoids dilution of focus, with a high emphasis on skill development tailored to each student.

2.2. Achievements After Participating in The Intern Summer Program

  • A heightened sense of responsibility and understanding of the nature of work and careers in the 21st century.
  • Learning to build a personal brand artistically and scientifically.
  • Simulated job/scholarship interview experiences to prepare for the job market.
  • Integration of talents, skills, and personal goals with suitable courses/careers.
  • Development of personal skills such as leadership, adaptability, change management, and collaboration – essential skills for the 21st-century workforce.

2.3. Detailed Schedule

Accommodation: 3-star standard hotel or equivalent lodging.

Detailed itinerary information
Detailed itinerary information

3. Exploring Key Stops on the Lion City Discovery Journey

3.1 Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Standing prominently amidst the National University of Singapore campus, the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is akin to a gem with its majestic 7-storey structure covering over 8,500 square meters. Acting as a mystical gateway, this museum beckons travelers into a captivating journey of natural wonders, housing over 2,000 historical specimens displayed across two permanent exhibition halls.

The fossil models showcased at the museum.
The fossil models showcased at the museum.

Opened in April 2015, the museum stands as one of Singapore’s newest attractions, boasting an extensive natural history collection inherited from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. Upon entering, visitors are awe-struck by the vast and modern space, complemented by innovative scientific displays. Sixteen specialized zones guide explorers through a chronological exploration of Earth’s diverse life over millions of years. From tiny single-celled organisms to prehistoric giant creatures, all come to life through vivid models, fossils, and realistic visuals.

The fossil models showcased at the museum.
The fossil models showcased at the museum.

The genuine fossils of the sauropod dinosaur and the excavation of the giant ground sloth skeleton in 2015 are particular highlights. Immerse yourself in heritage specimens that are over a century old.

3.2 Science Centre Singapore

Ranked among the world’s leading science centers, the Science Centre Singapore is on a mission to bring science closer to everyone. Despite its scholarly name, it harbors a dynamic and enticing world of science for all ages.

Omni Theatre
Omni Theatre

At the Science Centre Singapore, challenge your mind in an optical illusion maze, explore a “senior” version of yourself, or play secret agent in a laser maze!

Experiencing the 'older version' of oneself
Experiencing the ‘older version’ of oneself

3.3 Sentosa Island

Known as the “island of fun,” Sentosa Island in Singapore is the most famous leisure destination in the Lion City. An impressive tourist complex, Sentosa combines thrilling outdoor entertainment, a heritage center, and a nature park.

Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island

Just 15 minutes from the heart of Singapore, Sentosa is the fourth-largest island in the country, not only renowned for its unique architecture but also as a hub for modern museums, state-of-the-art cinemas, and golf clubs. It attracts an elite international crowd.

The pristine blue beaches of Sentosa Island.
The pristine blue beaches of Sentosa Island.

Renowned as the gem of the Lion City, Sentosa Island captivates with its pristine beaches, hidden gems in tropical landscapes, and an enticing entertainment district.

3.4 NEWater Visitor Centre

NEWater is a brand of recycled drinking water produced by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board. As an island nation separated from neighboring countries, Singapore highly values and conserves water resources. At the NEWater plants, engineers employ membrane filtration technology and ultraviolet rays to recycle wastewater into drinkable water.

The wastewater treatment membrane technology named NEWater
The wastewater treatment membrane technology named NEWater

This technology has significantly reduced the cost of water imports from Malaysia. NEWater is a testament to Singapore’s ingenuity, always striving to create value.

3.5 Universal Studios Singapore

Dubbed the “Asian Entertainment Paradise,” Universal Studios Singapore consistently tops the list of must-visit places in Singapore. Located within Resorts World Sentosa, it is the first and largest entertainment park in Southeast Asia.

The iconic Universal Globe that everyone must check in with at least once.
The iconic Universal Globe that everyone must check in with at least once.

Explore an “experience extravaganza” with 24 exhilarating rides and entertaining attractions, touring through seven themed zones. Challenge yourself on the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON roller coaster, discover the enchanted world of Madagascar, or journey to ancient Egypt. Additionally, meet your favorite film characters at Universal Studios!

3.6 Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam

Embark on a walking tour through three vibrant ethnic neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and explore the local cultures.


Nestled in the heart of modern Singapore, Chinatown stands as an island echoing the rich cultural heritage of China. Spanning generations, it preserves ancient traditions while blending seamlessly with the city’s vibrant life.

The neighborhoods in Chinatown, Singapore
The neighborhoods in Chinatown, Singapore

Little India

The bustling life of Little India resembles a lively symphony, with the sounds of car horns, bicycle bells, and local chatter. Exiting the Little India MRT station, you’ll be overwhelmed by the explosion of landscapes, scents, and sounds at the nearby Tekka Market.

The vibrant Little India district.
The vibrant Little India district.

Kampong Glam

Stepping into Kampong Glam, Singapore’s oldest urban area, feels like a journey back in time to a colorful past. Once the home of the Muslim community and the residence of the Malay royalty in the 1800s, it carries unique historical and cultural stories.

Discover picturesque streets adorned with scattered palm trees, beautifully restored heritage shops, trendy cafes, and learn about the long-standing history and diverse traditions here.

Kampong Glam

Embark on a Lion City Discovery Journey with two summer camp programs, The Intern and STEM & Innovation Edu Trip, promising an explosive summer filled with unique and unforgettable experiences.

Explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), nurture a passion for learning, develop critical thinking, and enhance creativity skills with the STEM & Innovation Edu Trip. Discover personal potential, find passions and interests, and engage in career-oriented activities with The Intern. Gain a clear understanding of responsibilities and the nature of the labor market in the 21st century, orienting towards the future and determining a suitable career path.

This summer, leave a new mark, acquire new experiences, knowledge, skills, and meet new friends at the two summer camp programs, The Intern and STEM & Innovation Edu Trip by OneSpace!

Inbox OneSpace’s fan page or contact the hotline at 038 303 9399 for specific advice and special offers.

Wishing you an explosive summer filled with fantastic experiences!