The Education Webinar on the Topic of Artificial Intelligence “A.I. – Preparing for the Future with Your Child”


In the context of rapidly advancing technology, particularly artificial intelligence (A.I.), which is profoundly impacting every aspect of life, the future job market will demand new skills and competencies that people need to be equipped with from an early age. Equipping children with the right skills and career guidance from an early stage is the first step towards helping them make informed career choices and gradually build success in the future.

The question arises: What is the right solution for parents when starting to apply A.I. in their children’s learning and development?

Understanding the importance and urgency of this matter, OneSpace cordially invites parents to participate in a special educational webinar with the topic: “A.I. – Preparing for the Future with Your Child – Why is it essential to develop A.I. proficiency from an early age?”

1. Detailed Information about the Webinar

– Time, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Friday, June 28, 2024

– Format: online, the participation link will be sent to the registered email.

– Hosted by two speakers:

  •  Ms. Duong Ngo – The Master of Economics, Founder & CEO of OneSpace Education VN
  • Mr. Tuan Thi – Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering, Leading Applied Scientist at Microsoft, Seattle, USA

Special gifts for parents after attending the webinar:

– Experience with your child the free course “GENERATIVE A.I. – Entering the World of Artificial Intelligence,” the latest from OneSpace.

– A voucher worth 500,000 VND applicable to all courses at OneSpace.

2. Main Content of the Webinar

1) Discussion on the multi-dimensional impacts (benefits and harms) of technology on children.

2) Sharing from guest speakers and successful parents about the right ways to nurture and educate children in the 4.0 technology era.

3) Providing real-life scenarios and ways parents can protect their children on the internet, along with guidance on setting limits and rules for technology use.

4) Methods to identify children’s interests and talents, distinguishing between inherent gifts and temporary preferences using tools and tests to assess children’s aptitudes.

5)Education on life skills – essential skills children must have in the 21st century (communication, teamwork, creative thinking, time management).

6) Introduction to future technology trends and labor market demands, and how to guide children’s career paths to align with their interests and abilities.

7) How to help children master technology through programming languages and approach technology effectively and safely.

8) Answering questions and discussing directly with leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence technology.

3. Benefits of Attending the Artificial Intelligence Education Webinar

Artificial Intelligence is not just a trend but an essential part of the future. By attending this webinar, parents will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize the power of AI in nurturing and educating children effectively in the 4.0 era.

Parents will be updated on the latest educational technology trends and their significant impact on the upcoming job market. This will help support their children in developing crucial skills needed in the technology-driven 4.0 era. Additionally, the webinar will provide parents with guidance on aligning their children’s career paths with their interests and abilities, thereby creating a unique personal identity and enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.

By participating in the webinar, parents will learn to recognize potential internet dangers and how to protect their children from cybersecurity threats. This is also an opportunity for parents to access modern educational tools and methods to support their children’s learning and development. Importantly, the webinar will help children comprehensively enhance their technology skills. Mastering technology through programming languages will allow children to access human knowledge quickly, develop computer skills, and become leaders in technological innovation.

Furthermore, parents will connect directly and share experiences with leading experts in the field of information technology. They will also hear stories from successful parents who have used AI in raising their children.

4. Discover Future Science and Technology at OneSpace

OneSpace offers a diverse range of programming courses that are new, exciting, and aligned with current technology trends for children of all ages and skill levels:

– Scratch Course: A visual programming language for children aged 7-9, allowing them to learn coding by dragging and dropping colorful code blocks to create fun animated scenes.

– CodeCombat Course: An online web game that teaches programming through missions and challenges, designed for children aged 9-13. Kids use the Python programming language to write code that controls characters and completes game tasks.

– Roblox Course: Aimed at children aged 13-15, this course allows them to create their own games and virtual worlds using Roblox Studio and the Lua programming language, fostering both programming skills and creativity.

– Python Course: Python is one of the most popular programming languages today, known for its simple and easy-to-understand syntax. This course provides students aged 12 and up with basic knowledge of Python and its applications in various fields such as data analysis, web development, and artificial intelligence.

– Web Development Course: Using common programming languages like HTML and CSS, students learn to develop dynamic web pages and build real-world web development projects. This course is for students aged 14 and up.

– GENERATIVE A.I. Course: The newest technology course at OneSpace, designed for students aged 12-16. Participants will delve into Artificial Intelligence, from basic concepts to exciting applications such as using ChatGPT, prompt engineering, and content creation. The course nurtures critical thinking and creativity while providing deep insights into modern A.I. trends, opening doors to a promising future in technology.

Technology is always evolving and innovating. Mastering computer skills and understanding technology from a young age not only helps children develop comprehensively in terms of thinking, creativity, and adaptability to society’s constant changes but also opens up many career opportunities in the future.

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