ngày hội toán học Math Fair

In partnership with the Vinschool elementary school system, OneSpace is delighted to join the Math Fair, where we have the pleasure of exploring the magical world of mathematics with a spirit of curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Mathematics is not merely a subject; it is a way to develop logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills for young learners. In our daily lives, we use math for grocery shopping, cooking, managing personal finances, and even in more significant roles within society. However, getting children closer to numbers and geometric shapes has never been an easy task.

  1. Creating Angle Measuring Tools

Young participants can invent their own angle measuring tools using a fan. With a colorful fan, they will engage in tasks such as:

  • Determining angles by measuring each fan blade’s tension.
  • Differentiating between right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, and straight angles.
  • Decorating the angle measuring tools made from the fan.
  1. Statistics and Probability

Getting familiar with seemingly puzzling numbers becomes incredibly engaging through the game “Who is the luckiest and most skillful?” Participants estimate the probability of a water bottle landing safely when tossed with its side, bottom, or top in contact with the ground. Each student tosses the bottle twice and records the number of successful landings for each side on a statistical chart. At the end of the game, they exchange corresponding rewards: touching the side = 1 sticker, touching the bottom = 1 eraser, touching the top = an eraser/angle measuring tool/pen, etc.

math fair
  1. Exhibition of 3D Paper Models

Getting lost in the colorful world of self-designed 3D paper models is a highly appealing activity cherished by young participants. Vinser students will cut/fold printed colorful shapes following patterns such as cubes, rectangles, square-based pyramids, triangular-based pyramids, pentagonal prisms, and more. Engaging in groups of 10 students, they eagerly strive to create the most significant number of models to claim victory.

math fair
  1. Space Treasure Exploration

This game helps students become familiar with coordinate systems and translations. Teams receive instructions to find a treasure and analyze and move across a grid with coordinate points to locate their rewards and certificates. Through this game, participants gain an understanding of the practical applications of coordinates and how they apply to real-life situations.

math fair

In conclusion, it was a fruitful and joyous event, and OneSpace believes that the young participants had a wonderful experience. Let’s take a moment to relive these memorable moments from this fabulous fair!