Trí tuệ nhân tạo chìa khoá vạn năng cho tương lai 4.0

As one of the leading technologies of the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is regarded as the future of the world and the core technology for many decades to come. It opens the door to a wide range of future careers full of potential for the younger generation.

1. The Remarkable Heat of AI Super-Technology

Currently, tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet – Google, are all vigorously racing to take the lead in the world in researching, developing, and applying Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). The undeniable heat of this technology in the coming decades is evidenced by the eagerness of these top technology conglomerates to pioneer A.I. applications, providing the “smartest” products and services.

Some widely recognized achievements of A.I. include:

  • Google applying A.I. to autonomous driving to reduce traffic accidents
  • Facebook utilizing A.I. in image recognition
  • Microsoft pursuing a project to treat cancer by applying A.I. to diagnosis and monitoring
  • Google, Apple applying A.I. in voice recognition
  • SoftBank applying A.I. to manufacture the Pepper robot as a receptionist
  • The emergence of ChatGPT – a product that has created a sensation in the global technology community, facilitating automated conversations and answering questions on various topics and fields.
  • In many heavy industries, robots are assisting humans in performing strenuous tasks in hazardous environments. This not only increases labor productivity but also ensures human health.

2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)  and the Future “Recruitment Landscape”

The emergence and strong development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) mark a breakthrough in the economy. Moreover, it greatly impacts human life, especially in employment. Robots will become increasingly intelligent and capable of replacing humans in many different fields. At that time, the “recruitment landscape” will be painted with entirely different colors.

Artificial Intelligence

The “cold” colors will be painted by the pessimistic view of workers. They always wonder: “Will robots steal our jobs?” It is very clear that, unlike humans, robots are always polite, punctual, gentle, never request leave, never arrive late for work, never make mistakes due to carelessness, and never discriminate based on race. This makes recruiters more satisfied. They will invest in technology rather than labor. Therefore, the labor force may gradually become passive and lose jobs.

In addition, there are still “bright” colors in this recruitment landscape that cannot be ignored. Although we do not know how far A.I. can develop, we should remember that no matter how intelligent A.I. becomes, it is still a product created by humans. Therefore, if A.I. can be introduced into certain frameworks early, we can completely control and turn A.I. into a powerful tool to support work and life in the future.

3. Generative A.I. Course – An Excellent Start for Tech Enthusiasts

In the context of explosive technological development today, providing the technology community in particular and the young workforce community in Vietnam in general with accurate and comprehensive awareness of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is considered one of the core activities in the mission of “Technology education for the future generations” by OneSpace.

Following the beneficial technology activities in recent years for primary school-age children, OneSpace officially launches a completely new course “GENERATIVE A.I. – ENTERING THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WORLD”. This will be an exciting and beneficial journey designed by OneSpace specifically for teenagers aged 12 to 16.

Beyond just learning, the Generative A.I. course at OneSpace empowers the younger generation to become leaders in creativity and innovation in the rapidly growing and powerful technology field today. The selected curriculum consists of 12 dynamic learning sessions ranging from basic A.I. principles to complex topics and the latest trends shaping the A.I. world. It includes practical activities, interactive sessions, and expert guidance from an experienced global teaching team. OneSpace believes this will be a great opportunity for students to develop critical thinking skills, analytical abilities to solve problems, and a passion for technology.

Moreover, the Generative A.I. course also sparks the right level of interest among youth about the importance of A.I. technology, effective technology usage, while inspiring future generations to explore the potential of AI for the social development of humankind.

For more detailed information about the course, please refer to the following article!

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