On March 3rd, 2024, OneSpace, together with strategic partner WhalesBot, participated in the Mathematics, Science, and Technology Fair, offering unique robotics experiences to students.

1. Mathematics, Science, and Technology Fair

This year’s Mathematics, Science, and Technology Fair was organized by Vinschool Ocean Park in collaboration with the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) to celebrate International Mathematics Day (March 14th). It provided an opportunity for students, teachers, parents, mathematicians, and educators to discuss current topics in mathematics and mathematics education, experience the beauty of mathematics, and explore its colorful applications in science and daily life. The theme of this year’s fair, “Playing with Math,” emphasized that mathematics is not just an academic subject but also deeply intertwined with human life.

Traditionally, the fair consists of two main parts: professional activities and experiential activities. Additionally, this year’s program featured numerous new and engaging activities for parents and students. With the participation of 18 collaborating units, nearly 50 experiential activities and games related to mathematical applications, STEM, and AI were conducted, attracting nearly 2000 participants.

The Mathematics, Science, and Technology Fair brings a unique robotics experience.

2. Exploring the Wonders of STEM Robotics with OneSpace & WhalesBot

In the vast space of creativity and exploration, OneSpace opened the door to an exciting scientific and technological adventure. As a strategic partner for this event, WhalesBot, a leading educational robotics company in China, joined OneSpace in presenting a variety of modern educational robot products and unique experiential programs for parents and students.

With a focus on creativity and collaborative learning, OneSpace’s bobotics experience playground was not just about discovering new technological applications but also about experiencing the wonders of mathematics and technology through games, challenges, and high-quality robot products.

Experience exploration alongside WhalesBot Robot

Under the theme “Playing with Math,” OneSpace transformed the experiential space into a lively playground where students not only learned math but also “played” with math. With the valuable support of the companion robot, WhalesBot, each lesson became a marvelous adventure, making mathematics not only interesting but also meaningful.

The search for potential candidates to represent Vietnam in international competitions

The activities and games organized by OneSpace provided children with opportunities to experience the excitement of applying mathematics in real-life scenarios, from designing robots to computational thinking and task programming. OneSpace believes that through such unique experiences, students not only acquire new knowledge but also develop soft skills and creativity, preparing them for a promising future.

With the desire to bring Vietnamese young technology talent closer to international competitions, OneSpace continues to accompany WhalesBot, responding to the Enjoy AI programming contest in 2024. The contest hopes to find contestants. potential in primary and secondary schools nationwide, representing Vietnam in the final round of the competition held in December this year in China. Let’s look back at the outstanding achievements of 3 Vietnamese representatives in the Enjoy AI programming competition last year:

And there are many exciting activities about Mathematics, Science, and Technology for students such as Eduten Finnish Math Festival, CodeCombat international programming arena

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