Efficiently Utilizing Technology

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Anya Kamenetz, a journalist and author of the book “The Art of Balancing Digital and Real Life,” believes that “sing screens positively helps develop 4 values: creativity, connection, exploration, and joy.” Technology is rapidly changing, and children need to adapt to it to prepare for a solid future. However, many parents may be concerned about this. So, how can we help children take control of technology, use it effectively, and make it beneficial? Let’s explore with OneSpace!

1. Benefits of Children’s Exposure to Technology

1.1. Easy access to human knowledge

It can be said that technology provides us with numerous practical benefits. Children will find it easier to research information with the help of electronic devices. Effective technology use enables children to access vast human knowledge, fostering curiosity and a desire to explore, thereby nurturing their intellect.

Easy access to human knowledge

1.2. A strong foundation for the future

In the digital age, knowing how to use technology is an essential skill for children to thrive in the future. Many countries are modernizing and digitizing various sectors. Fields that require technology include:

  • Healthcare: Technology plays a crucial role in healthcare, from monitoring and diagnosing diseases to treatment, helping doctors and healthcare workers make more accurate and faster decisions.
  • Education: Information technology solutions have brought many advantages to education, allowing teachers to use online tools, graphic software, educational videos, and educational games to make lessons more engaging and understandable for students. Additionally, technology aids in managing information to help teachers track students’ progress and provide timely feedback.
  • Finance: When discussing industries involving technology, finance cannot be overlooked. Technology plays a significant role in the financial sector by using artificial intelligence for transaction prediction, big data analysis, and mobile applications for easy financial transaction management.
  •  Information Technology: The information technology sector offers many job opportunities, with some information technology specialties facing a shortage of manpower. Thus, job prospects in information technology, including programming, software quality assurance, system analysis, data management, network administration, and more, are abundant.

The common thread in all these professions is the use of technology to solve problems and provide value to society. Children who become familiar with and proficient in technology will have a competitive edge in the future, with many career opportunities and potential for high income.

1.3. Enhancing spiritual life

Enhancing spiritual life

If children know how to receive useful information and positive things that people share, their spiritual lives will become more interesting. Children can relax with their spiritual passions such as listening to music, reading books, and watching movies. This is also a way for children to explore and nurture their artistic souls.

2. Risks of electronic devices for children

Although technology brings many benefits in terms of providing information, data storage, and entertainment, it also has numerous limitations that significantly affect the behavior and psychology of children, including:

2.1. Technology overuse

Uncontrolled use of electronic devices by children can lead to bad habits. Studies have shown that smartphones and tablets can negatively impact children’s learning abilities as they reduce attention span when exposed to excessive screen time. Online videos and games often feature attractive, vibrant visuals that captivate children more than real-world objects, diminishing their interest in imagination and creativity. This can make children dependent on screens and dissatisfied when not using technology.

Developing bad habits in children

2.2. Health effects

Children who spend a lot of time on electronic devices tend to exercise less and have a preference for unhealthy fast food, which can lead to obesity. Moreover, excessive technology use can lead to eye-related issues such as eye strain, myopia, and vision limitations. These health issues are not only costly to treat but also dangerous at a young age.

2.3. Internet risks

Parents find it challenging to monitor their children’s access to and content consumption on the internet. Nowadays, there are numerous video clips and websites created for adult entertainment. Dangerous behaviors such as drug use, alcohol consumption, and unprotected sexual activities are widely advertised on such websites, making children believe that what they see is normal in life. They may imitate and emulate these behaviors without adults’ knowledge.

3. How to help children use technology effectively

3.1. Be a role model

Children’s behavior often mirrors that of adults. If you excessively use your phone while driving, multitask between social media and conversations with your child, or use your phone during meals, these seemingly harmless habits can be negative examples for your child to follow.

Children are prone to imitating adult behaviors

3.2. Limit screen time

To help children use technology effectively, limit their screen time on electronic devices. Instead, aim to optimize their time on these devices by engaging in educational online games, applications, and websites, providing children with opportunities to learn interesting and valuable things. Parents can help children create schedules, including time for physical activities to enhance both physical and mental health.

Parents help children create schedules and guide them in following through

3.3. Turn technology into a learning tool

Instead of banning children from using electronic devices, guide them to select apps, games, and online resources with educational value. Encourage creative activities such as video creation, programming, graphic design, and turn technology into a tool for learning. This not only enhances their knowledge but also fosters creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

4. OneSpace – Helping children use electronic devices effectively through One-hour Coding classes

Helping children use technology effectively is not just an educational mission but also a journey to empower them to be in control of technology. Embracing the global Hour of Code program, OneSpace offers One-Hour Coding classes, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children to become familiar with and engage in the world of programming.

One-Hour Coding adopts the Gamification method of teaching, where learning is turned into a game. This approach ensures that children absorb new knowledge without boredom or monotony.

When participating in coding classes at OneSpace, children can easily apply what they’ve learned to create their own projects, while also developing skills such as logical thinking, teamwork, mastering programming knowledge, and computer science.

Moreover, OneSpace uses a bilingual English-Vietnamese curriculum that meets international standards and is continuously updated based on the leading programming curriculum for children in the United States. The teaching staff consists of experienced, enthusiastic educators from around the world.

With a healthy and modern learning environment, OneSpace believes that this is a great opportunity for children to learn, explore, and develop essential skills in the 21st century.

Join One-hour Coding at OneSpace to help children take control of technology and prepare for a promising future in the digital world.