Tích sao đổi quà

Hello everyone! It’s the adorable Tac Ke from the Fun Vietnamese Language Space!

As a little resident of the Rainbow Kingdom, Tac Ke always wishes to bring a lot of joy and exciting experiences to all the little ones in learning. In preparation for the upcoming festive season, Tac Ke has come up with an extremely interesting idea, and that is the “Star Accumulation For Rewards” program!

Let’s see how the program works with Tac Ke!

– Evaluation Period: Every month

– How to earn stars:

  • Complete assignments: ⭐
  • Participate enthusiastically in discussions: ⭐⭐
  • Actively participate in contests organized by the school:⭐⭐⭐

– Scoring Method: The chance to win special prizes awaits at the end of the journey! Each level will select one student with the most stars.

– Rewards: Vietnamese supplementary books designed with various fun activities to help little ones enhance their thinking, creativity, and language development effectively.

The “Star Accumulation Gift Exchange” program will officially kick off on November 9, 2023. Let’s strive to study hard with Tac Ke, earn lots of stars, and conquer new challenges in the OneSpace universe!

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